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Base url


default-graph-uriThe graph to query

For example urn:x-evn-pub:envthes or urn:x-evn-master:CAST

formatThe output format

Available formats are:

  • xml (default)
  • json
  • json-simple
  • text/csv
  • text/tab-separated-values

And, for CONSTRUCT queries only:

  • text/turtle
  • rdf+xml 
queryA URL encoded§ SPARQL query

For example


§ You must URL encode the SPARQL query string. All characters that are not a letter, digit, dash, period, underscore or tilde should be encoded, such as:

[space] encoded as %20
< encoded as %3C
> encoded as %3E
# encoded as %23

For example

SELECT * WHERE {?s <> ?o}




Output the first 100 prefLabels from the CAST vocabulary in json format  try it*%20WHERE%20{?s%20%3C}%20LIMIT%20100

Output the first 20 triples from the EnvThes vocabulary in csv format try it*%20WHERE%20{?s%20?p%20?o}%20LIMIT%2020

CONSTRUCT an rdf document (in ttl format) from a query try it{?s%20%3C}%20WHERE%20{?s%20%3C}LIMIT%2010&format=text/turtle

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