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EVN has a system for creating working copies of the vocabulary which can be safely edited without changing the master (production) copy. 

Changes made in the working copy can be subsequently reviewed by the vocabulary manager and either approved or rejected.  Approved changes are then merged into the production copy.


The stages in the process are as follows:

  1. PREPARE.    A vocabulary user, editor or manager creates a working copy of the vocabulary.  That user becomes the working copy manager.
  2. EDIT.            This working copy can be assigned to users who then propose changes.
  3. REVIEW.      The working copy manager reviews the changes and can choose to accept or reject them.
  4. COLLATE.    The vocabulary editor or manager can choose to merge the changes into the master (production) copy.
  5. PUBLISH.     The vocabulary manager publishes to the vocabulary server so that is is publicly accessible.


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