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Assessing Large Scale Risks for Biodiversity with Tested Methods

The ALARM consortium combines the expertise of over 68 partners from over 30 countries. ALARM encompasses 7 SMEs as full partners with central responsibilities. ALARM provides coherent scenarios of socio-economic, climate, land-use and other biodievrsity-relevant trends, exploring the framework conditions for biodiversity pressures. An innovative element of the ALARM prject is the combination of long term trend and short term shock scenarios, allowing a sensitivity analysis of currently predominating trend projections.

The main objectives of the ALARM project are:

  • To develop an integrated large scale risk assessment to biodiversity as well as terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems.
  • To focus on risks consequent on climate change, environmental chemicals, rates and extent of loss of pollinators and biological invasions in the context of current and future European land use patterns.
  • To develop a research network different environmental drivers and pressures and across different spatial and temporal scales of ecosystem and biodiversity changes.
  • To establish socio-economic risk indicators related to the drivers of biodiversity pressures as a tool to support long-term oriented mitigating policies and to monitor their implementation.

To achieve the objectives, ALARM consists of 3 major, methodologically defined work blocks:

  • Application of scientific methods for basic research (RTD activity)
  • Method tests and protocol development for applications (combined RTD/innovation activity)
  • Dissemination of Results and Toolkits (innovation activity)

Important outputs of ALARM:

  • Establishment of a European site network for ecological research
  • Atlas of climate change impacts on biodiversity
  • Assessment of parallel declines in pollinators and insect-pollinated plants in North-Western Europe
  • Database on pollinators of Europe
  • Quantification of importance of pollinators in changing landscapes for world crops
  • Review on the effects of pollution on biodiversity
  • Foundation of a biodiversity risk assessment publication series
  • Identification key to European bee genera (2008)
  • Development of EU policy scenarios (2008)
  • Risk Assessment Toolkit for biodiversity (2009)
  • ALARM atlas of biodiversity risks (2009)

ALARM project Flyer

Further Information

Project Duration
Project Duration
January 2009

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