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European platform for biodiversity

BioPlatform is a network of scientists and policy makers that aims at improving the effectiveness and relevance of European biodiversity research, fulfilling functions that provide significant components of a European Research Area.

Research on biodiversity is essential to help the European Union, EU Member States and the New Accession States to implement the Convention on Biological Diversity and several biodiversity related directives. There is a need for co-ordination between researchers working in this field, the policy-makers that need the research results and the organisations that fund research in this field. To attain this coordination, BioPlatform is supporting the activities of the existing "European Platform for Biodiversity Research Strategy" (EPBRS), an informal forum of scientists and policy makers representing the EU Member States and other European countries. The aims of EPBRS are to promote discussion of EU biodiversity research strategies and priorities, exchange of information on national biodiversity activities and the dissemination of current best practices and information regarding the scientific understanding of biodiversity conservation. For this purpose Bioplatform has assisted the development of the EPBRS by supporting representatives of all the 32 countries that integrate the EU 5th Framework RTD programme, and by promoting the creation of national biodiversity platforms/networks and linking with them and with other European and international biodiversity organisations to promote a European Research Area for biodiversity.

Main project outcomes include:

  • the affirmation of EPBRS as an important forum for science and policy debate on Biodiversity at European level
  • the establishment of 25 National Platforms for Biodiversity with different degrees of financial stability .

Further Information

Project Duration
Project Duration
April 2005

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