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This thematic session represents an ideal platform for the timely dissemination of new findings from the Insect Pollinators Initiative to a scientific audience. It will appeal to ecologists interested in human impacts on biodiversity, interspecific interactions, host-pathogen interactions, landscape and behavioral ecology, conservation biology, and the role of biodiversity in ecosystem services.

Invited Speakers

Multiple pressures on pollinators and their consequences for crop production : Prof. Alexandra-Maria Klein, Institute of Ecology Leuphana University, Luneburg, Germany

The role of insect diversity in crop pollination : Mike Garratt, Chiara Polce, Andrew Challinor, Mette Termensen, Giles Budge, Nigel Boatmen, Stuart Roberts, Simon Potts and Koos Biesmeijer

Landscape heterogeneity and land-use effects on pollinator diversity and space use : Mark Gillespie, Mathilde Baude, Claire Carvell, Matt Heard, Bill Kunin, Giles Budge, Nigel Boatman, Phil Northing, Koos Biesmeijer, Dan Morton, Jane Memmott, Simon Potts, Stuart Roberts, Simon Smart, Andrew Bourke, Seirian Summer.

Pathogen impacts across bee species and biological scales : Dino McMahon, Stephan Wolf, Matthias Fuerst, James Murray, Juliet Osborne, Mark Brown, Robert Paxton, John Bryden, Vincent Jansen, Giles Budge et al, David Evans, Eugene Ryabov et al.

Pesticide impacts on bees from neurons to individuals : Mary Palmer, Sally Williamson, Chris Connolly, Nigel Raine, Jenny Harvey, Neil Millar, Jeri Wright

Urban refuges for pollinators : Kath Baldock, Jane Memmott, Lynne Osgathorpe, Nadine Mitschunas, Damien Hicks, Anna Scott, Mark Goddard, Simon Potts, Graham Stone, Bill Kunin, Koos Biesmeijer

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