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Science Co-ordinator - Dr Adam J. Vanbergen

Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH), Bush Estate, Penicuik, EH26 0QB

Profile: My research aims to advance understanding of the role of invertebrate interactions and diversity in ecosystem function across spatial scales and ecosystems. Invertebrates are integral to many ecosystem services, such as soil function, pollination and pest control. My approach is to understand the mechanisms by which environmental change affects invertebrates, their interactions with other organisms, and linked ecological processes.

My role in the Insect Pollinators Initiative (IPI) is as its Science Co-ordinator (2010-2014).

My responsibilities to the IPI are:

  • Create or facilitate scientific outputs in addition to those arising from individual research projects,
  • Maintain an overview of the individual research projects and report to the funders on their progress
  • Promote and engage in knowledge exchange activities (e.g. with policymakers, NGOs and the media) to maximise the impact of the IPI.

You can find out more on my CEH staff page or email

If you are interested in particular studies, you can contact the individual scientists leading the research via the research project pages.

Knowledge Exchange - Dr Lynn V. Dicks

Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge, Downing Street, Cambridge CB2 3EJ

Profile: My work is focused on making wildlife conservation more effective. I do this by making relevant scientific knowledge accessible to conservationists, and by engaging decision-makers in guiding research towards questions of importance in policy and practice.

With funding from NERC, I have created a Pollinator Conservation Delivery Group to link pollinator conservation efforts in the private and public sectors with research from the Insect Pollinators Initiative.

You can find out more on my staff page or email

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