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Projects funded under the initiative:

  • Sustainable pollination services for UK crops
    Dr Koos Biesmeijer , University of Leeds (read more )
  • Modelling systems for managing bee disease: the epidemiology of European foulbrood
    Dr Giles Budge , Food & Environment Research Agency (read more )
  • Investigating the impact of habitat structure on queen and worker bumblebees in the field
    Dr Claire Carvell , NERC Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (read more )
  • An investigation into the synergistic impact of sublethal exposure to industrial chemicals on the learning capacity and performance of bees
    Dr Chris Connolly , University of Dundee (read more )
  • Unravelling the impact of the mite Varroa destructor on the interaction between the honeybee and its viruses
    Professor David Evans !email.png! (mailto:, University of Warwick (read more )
  • Linking agriculture and land use change to pollinator populations
    Professor Bill Kunin , University of Leeds (read more )
  • Urban pollinators: their ecology and conservation
    Professor Jane Memmott , University of Bristol (read more )
  • Impact and mitigation of emergent diseases on major UK insect pollinators
    Dr Robert Paxton , Queen’s University of Belfast (read more )
  • Can bees meet their nutritional needs in the current UK landscape?
    Dr Geraldine Wright , Newcastle University (read more )
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