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Knowledge Exchange

In May 2012, IPI scientists worked with a group of 32 conservation practitioners to identify their priority knowledge needs for wild insect pollinator conservation. The practitioners included representatives from UK industry (including food production and retail), environmental charities and nature conservation agencies. The top 35 priority knowledge needs can be found here.

The IPI projects are already directly addressing ten of these priority knowledge needs to some extent, including the top five. Watch this space for our assessment of existing and emerging knowledge in top priority areas.

The priority knowledge needs and the process of agreeing them are described in the following publication:

Dicks, L.V. et al. (2012) Identifying key knowledge needs for evidence-based conservation of wild insect pollinators: a collaborative cross-sectoral exercise. Insect Conservation and Diversity. DOI

This work was led by Dr Lynn Dicks, funded by the Natural Environment Research Council as part of a Knowledge Exchange Fellowship.

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