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Welcome to the WILDCOMS (Wildlife Disease & Contaminant Monitoring and Surveillance) network

WILDCOMS is a collaborative network formed between the various UK surveillance schemes that monitor disease and contaminants in vertebrate wildlife.

WILDCOMS aims to:

  • provide a focal point for disease and contaminant monitoring in wild vertebrates
  • provide an integrated overview of the health status of UK wild vertebrates
  • facilitate collaboration between WILDCOMS network partners
  • facilitate identification of disease and contaminants of emerging concern

The latest quarterly WILDCOMS newsletter can be found in our Newsletters

Information about the individual surveillance schemes in the WILDCOMS network can be found in Schemes

Many of the individual schemes in the WILDCOMS network rely on the public to send in dead birds and mammals that they find.

If you have found a dead bird or mammal, please look at our Samples wanted page to find out which scheme you should contact.

The WILDCOMS network has been established through a Knowledge Exchange grant from the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC)

For further information please contact Jacky Chaplow

Find a list of organisations (with weblinks) involved in the welfare and protection of wildlife here: Links

We are grateful to Heather Lowther from CEH for kindly allowing us to reproduce some of her images in the production of this website. We have also used images from © Westend61.


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