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Deliverables for the ERICA project

Copplestone, D. (ed.), Brown J., Hingston J.L., Real A., Sazykina T., Sundell-Bergman S.,
Wood M.D. 2005.
DELIVERABLE D1: Progress on the Production of the Web-based Effects Database: FREDERICA.
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Copplestone, D., Bjork, M. and Gilek, M. (eds.), Agüero, A., Björk, M., Copplestone, D., Garnier-Laplace, J., Gilek, M.,
Larsson, C-M., Oughton, DH. 2005.
DELIVERABLE D4a: Ecological Risk Characterisation: An Interim Method for the ERICA Integrated Approach.
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Björk, M. and Gilek, M.(eds.), Adam, C., Agüero, A., Björk, M., Copplestone, D., Jaworska, A., Garnier-Laplace, J., Gilek, M., Larsson, C-M., Oughton, D.H., Pérez Sánchez, D., Salbu, B., Wilkinson, H. 2005.
DELIVERABLE D4b: Overview of Ecological Risk Characterisation Methodologies
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Garnier-Laplace, J. and Gilbin, R. (eds.), Agüero, A., Alonzo, F., Björk, M., Ciffroy, Ph., Copplestone, D., Garnier-Laplace, J., Gilbin, R., Gilek, M., Hertel-Aas, T., Jaworska, A., Larsson, C-M., Oughton, D., Zinger, I. 2006.
DELIVERABLE 5: Derivation of Predicted-No-Effect-Dose-Rate values for ecosystems (and their sub-organisational levels) exposed to radioactive substances.
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Garnier-Laplace, J. and Gilbin, R. (eds.), Adam, C., Garnier-Laplace, J., Gilbin, R., Jaworska, A., Oughton, D. 2006.
DELIVERABLE 5: Annex A Guidelines for the design and statistical analysis of experiments on chronic effects of radioactive substances.
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Gilbin, R. and Oughton, D. (eds.), Alonzo, F., Garnier-Laplace, J., Gilbin, R., Hertel-Aas, T., Jaworska, A., Oughton, D., Salbu, B. 2006.
DELIVERABLE 5: ANNEX B Experiments on chronic exposure to radionuclides and induced biological effects on two invertebrates (earthworm and daphnid). Results and discussion.
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Oughton, D., Zinger, I., Bay, I., Børretzen,B., Garnier-Laplace, J., Larsson, C-M., Howard, B.J. 2004.
DELIVERABLE D7a: First EUG Event - Part 1: Discussion of ERICA Workplan.
Full text

Oughton, D., Zinger, I., Bay, I., Larsson, C-M. 2004.
DELIVERABLE D7a: First EUG Event - Part 2: Briefing notes on assessment frameworks and knowledge gaps.
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Oughton, D., Zinger, I., Bay, I. (eds.) 2004.
DELIVERABLE D7b: Briefing Notes from The Second Thematic EUG Event Part 1: Ionising Radiation and other Contaminants
and Part 2: Contribution to Deliverable D4 on Risk Characterisation.
Full text

Zinger, I. (ed.) 2005.
DELIVERABLE D7c: Transcripts from The First Generic EUG Event Ecological Risk Assessment and Management.
Full text

Copplestone, D., Zinger, I., Oughton, D. (eds.) 2005.
DELIVERABLE D7d: Transcript from the Third Thematic EUG Event: Decision-making and stakeholder involvement.
Full text

Oughton, D. and Breivik, H. (eds.) 2006.
DELIVERABLE 7e: Scientific Uncertainties: Transcript from the EUG Workshop.
Full text

Forsberg, E-M., Oughton, D. 2006.
DELIVERABLE D7f The ERICA Consensus Seminar.
Full text

Zinger, I., Vetikko, V., Sjöblom, K-L., Jones, S., Hubbard, L. Copplestone, D., Michalik, B., Prlic, I., Momal, P. 2007.
DELIVERABLE D7g Summary of the EUG event on: management, compliance and demonstration.
Full text

Zinger, I. (ed.) 2006.
DELIVERABLE D7h: Summary of the EUG Tool Testing Day Copenhagen, 08 December 2006.
Full text

Jones, S. (ed.) 2007.
DELIVERABLE D7i: Summary of stakeholder involvement in the UK case study.
Full text

Zinger, I. and Oughton, D. (eds.) 2007.
DELIVERABLE D7: Summary of all ERICA EUG Events.
Full text

Zinger, I. (ed.), Zinger, I., Copplestone, D., Brown, J., Sjöblom, K-L., Hänninen, R., Jones, S., Pröhl, G., Oughton, D., Garnier-Laplace, J., Gómez-Ros, J-M. 2008.
DELIVERABLE D8 Considerations for applying the ERICA Integrated Approach.