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Deliverables for the ERICA project

Beresford, N., Brown, J., Copplestone, D., Garnier-Laplace, J., Howard, B.J., Larsson, C-M., Oughton, O., Pröhl, G., Zinger, I. (eds.) 2007.
D-ERICA: An INTEGRATED APPROACH to the assessment and management of environmental risks from ionising radiation. Description of purpose, methodology and application.
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Copplestone, D. (ed.) 2007.
D-ERICA Annex A: Uncertainty matrix applicable to the ERICA Tool.
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Copplestone, D. and Zinger, I. (eds.) 2007.
D-ERICA Annex B: Glossary.
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Copplestone, D. (ed.), Brown J., Hingston J.L., Real A., Sazykina T., Sundell-Bergman S.,
Wood M.D. 2005.
DELIVERABLE D1: Progress on the Production of the Web-based Effects Database: FREDERICA.
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