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Copplestone, D., Zinger, I., Oughton, D. (eds.) 2005.
DELIVERABLE D7d: Transcript from the Third Thematic EUG Event: Decision-making and stakeholder involvement.
[Full text|^FP6_ERICA_Deliverable_D7d_17nov051.pdf]

Oughton, D. and Breivik, H. (eds.) 2006.
DELIVERABLE 7e: Scientific Uncertainties: Transcript from the EUG Workshop.
Full text

Forsberg, E-M., Oughton, D. 2006.
DELIVERABLE D7f The ERICA Consensus Seminar.
[Full text|^FP6_ERICA_deliverable_D7f_31aug061.pdf]

Zinger, I., Vetikko, V., Sjöblom, K-L., Jones, S., Hubbard, L. Copplestone, D., Michalik, B., Prlic, I., Momal, P. 2007.
DELIVERABLE D7g Summary of the EUG event on: management, compliance and demonstration.
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