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Funded under the EC EURATOM 5th Framework programme the FASSET Framework included the following fundamental elements: source characterisation; description of seven major European ecosystems; selection of a number of reference organisms on the basis of prior ecosystem and exposure analysis; environmental transfer analysis; dosimetric considerations; effects analysis; and, as an integral part of these steps, general guidance on interpretation, includingconsideration of uncertainties and possibilities to extrapolate from existing data to areas where data are absent or scarce. The project used existing information, supplemented by the development of models, by performing Monte Carlo calculations to derive dose conversion coefficients, and by building an effects database (FRED, the FASSET Radiation Effects Database). The outputs of the FASSET project were subsequently improved and incorporated into the ERICA Integrated Approach.

Refereed papers presenting and discussing the FASSET Framework
FASSET papers and reports.
JRP special issue and Chernobyl papers
Reports by the FASSET consortium (Many of the FASSET outputs  were superseded by those of the ERICA project).