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Refereed papers from the ERICA consortium

A special issue of the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (Volume 99, issue 9) edited by B.J. Howard and C-M. Larsson was dedicated to the ERICA project (read Preface).

The papers contained within the special issue provide the scientific basis for all the various elements of the ERICA Integrated Approach and the ERICA Tool together with the results of some case study applications.

Alonzo, F., Hertel-Aas, T., Gilek, M., Gilbin, R., Oughton, D.H., Garnier-Laplace, J. 2008.
Modelling the propagation of effects of chronic exposure to ionising radiation from individuals to populations.
J. Environ. Radioact., 99, 1464-1473.


Zinger, I., Oughton, D.H., Jones, S.R. 2008.
Stakeholder interaction within the ERICA Integrated Approach.
J. Environ. Radioact., 99, 1503-1509.

Other papers from the ERICA consortium

Beresford N.A., Wright S.M., Barnett C.L., Wood, M.D., Gaschak S., Arkhipov A., Sazykina T.G., & Avila R. 2005.
A case study in the Chernobyl zone - part 1: predicting radionuclide transfer to wildlife.
Radioprotection, Suppl. 1, 40, S291-S297.