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Beresford, N.A., Broadley, M.R., Howard, B.J., Barnett, C.L., White, P.J., 2004.
Estimating radionuclide transfer to wild species---data requirements and availability for terrestrial ecosystems
J. Radiol. Prot., 24, A89-A103.

Assessment of the transfer of radionuclides to wild species is an important component in the estimation of predicted doses to biota. Reviews of available data for the many potential radionuclide-biota combinations which may be required for environmental assessments highlight many data gaps for terrestrial species. Here, we discuss different approaches which have been suggested to compensate for these data gaps. All of the reviewed approaches have merit; however, there is a requirement for transparency in methodology and data provenance which in some instances is currently missing. Furthermore, there is a need to validate the various methodologies to enable their use with confidence. The requirements of improving our ability to predict radionuclide transfer to wild species are discussed and recommendations made.