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In total, 15 models and approaches have been applied to one or more of the exercises conducted by
 the BWG. The models/approaches applied encompass those being developed, and in some instances,
 used in a regulatory context, in Belgium, Canada, France, Lithuania, Russia, the UK and the USA, as
 well as the outputs of recent EC EURATOM programmes. The participating models included those
 available to any interested user ([RESRAD-BIOTA], the [ERICA Tool], England and Wales Environment
 Agency [R&D 128] and FASSET(see pages/env protect radio.html for links
to documentation and/or software for these approaches)[FASSET]) and in-house models being used/developed by
various BWG participants (see IAEA \[2\] for a description of all participating models). Group members
included modellers, regulators, industry and researchers.