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Version 15 (05/11/2010)
Fish species with IAEA database sub-category and ICRP RAP designation
This list will be extend as additional species are added to the database (try if you need information on a species not listed)
Species LatinAlternative NameSpecies CommonCategoryICRP RAP
Abramis bjoerknaBlicca spp.Silver BreamFish - benthic feedingNone
Abramis bramaBream or Carp BreamFish - benthic feedingNone
Alburnus alburnusCommon bleakFish - benthic feedingNone
Alosa pseudoharengusAlewifeFish - forageNone
Ambloplites rupestrisRockbassFish - piscivorousNone
Ameiurus nebulosusBrown bullheadFish - benthic feedingNone
Amia calvaBowfinFish - piscivorousNone
Anguilla anguilla L.Eel or European eelFish - benthic feedingNone
Anguilla rostrataAmerican eelFish - piscivorousNone
Aplodintus grunniensFreshwater drumFish - benthic feedingNone
Arius leptaspisFork-tailed catfishFish - benthic feedingNone
Aspius aspiusAspius rapaxAspFish - piscivorousNone
Carassius auratusGoldfish Fish - forageNone
Carassius auratus gibelio BlochPrussian carp or Silver Prussian carp or Gibel carpFish - forageNone
Carassius carassiusCrucian carpFish - benthic feedingNone
Carpiodes carpioCarpsuckerFish - benthic feedingNone
Catostomus catostomusLongnose suckerFish - benthic feedingNone
Catostomus commersoniiWhite suckerFish - benthic feedingNone
Catostomus sp.SuckerFish - benthic feedingNone
Channa punctatusTaki or Spotted snakeheadFish - piscivorousNone
Cirrhinus cirrhosaWhite carpFish - forageNone
Cirrhinus rebaTatkeniFish - forageNone
Coregonus albulaVendaceFish - benthic feedingSalmonid
Coregonus clupeaformisLake whitefishFish - benthic feedingSalmonid
Coregonus hoyiBloaterFish - forageSalmonid
Coregonus lavaretusEuropean whitefishFish - benthic feedingSalmonid
Coregonus peled Northern whitefishFish - benthic feedingSalmonid
Coregonus spp.WhitefishFish - benthic feedingSalmonid
Cottus cognatusSlimy sculpinFish - benthic feedingNone
Couesius plumbeaHybopsis plumbeaLake chubFish - forageNone
Ctenopharyngodon idellaGrass carpFish - forageNone
Culaea inconstansBrook sticklebackFish - forageNone
Cyprinus carpioCarpFish - benthic feedingNone
Dorosoma cepedianumGizzard shadFish - forageNone
Dorosoma spp.ShadFish - forageNone
Esox luciusNorthern PikeFish - piscivorousNone
Esox nigerChain pickerelFish - piscivorousNone
Fundulus diaphanusBanded killifishFish - forageNone
Gambusia affinisMosquitofish or Western mosquitofishFish - forageNone
Gambusia holbrookiMosquitofish or Eastern mosquitofishFish - forageNone
Glossogobius giurisBaila, Tank gobyFish - piscivorousNone
Gudusia chapraChapila, shadFish - forageNone
Hypophthalmichthys molitrixSilver carp Fish - forageNone
Hypophthalmichthys nobilisAristichthys nobilisBighead carpFish - forageNone
Ictalurus punctatusChannel CatfishFish - benthic feedingNone
Ictalurus spp.Catfish spp.Fish - benthic feedingNone
Ictiobus sp.BuffaloFish - benthic feedingNone
Lates niloticusNile perchFish - piscivorousNone
Labeo rohitaFish - forageNone
Lates calcariferBarramundiFish - piscivorousNone
Leiopotherapon unicolorSpangled perchSpangled grunterFish - piscivorousNone
Lepisosteus osseusLongnose garFish - piscivorousNone
Lepomis gibbosusPumpkinseedFish - forageNone
Lepomis gulosusChaenobryttus gulosusWarmouthFish - piscivorousNone
Lepomis macrochirusBluegill sunfishFish - forageNone
Lepomis microlophusRedear sunfishFish - forageNone
Leuciscus idusIdeFish - benthic feedingNone
Liza alataFreshwater mulletFish - benthic feedingNone
Lota lotaLota vulgarisBurbot or lawyerFish - piscivorousNone
Luciobarbus sclateriBarbus bocageiBarbelFish - benthic feedingNone
Margariscus margaritaSemotilus margaritaPearl daceFish - forageNone
Megalops cyprinoidesTarponFish - piscivorousNone
Melanotaenia splendida inomataCheckered rainbowfishFish - forageNone
Micropterus dolomieuSmallmouth bassFish - piscivorousNone
Micropterus salmoidesLargemouth bassFish - piscivorousNone
Morone americanaWhite perchFish - piscivorousNone
Morone chrysopsWhite bassFish - piscivorousNone
Moxostoma aureolumShorthead redhorseFish - benthic feedingNone
Mystus vittatusStriped dwarf catfish or TengraFish - benthic feedingNone
Nematalosa erebiBony breamFish - benthic feedingNone
Neotropius atherinoidesPseudeutropius atherinoidesBatashiFish - forageNone
Notemigonus crysoleucasGolden shinerFish - forageNone
Notropis atherinoidesEmerald ShinersFish - forageNone
Notropis heterolepisBlacknose ShinerFish - forageNone
Notropis hudsoniusSpottail shinerFish - forageNone
Notropis longirostrisLongnose shinersFish - forageNone
Oncorhynchus kisutchCoho salmonFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Oncorhynchus mykissRainbow troutFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Oncorhynchus tschawytschaChinook SalmonFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Oreochromis mossambicusMozambique cichlid Fish - forageNone
Osmerus mordaxSmelt or Rainbow smeltFish - forageNone
Oxyeleotris lineolatusSleepy CodFish - piscivorousNone
Perca flavescensYellow PerchFish - piscivorousNone
Perca fluviatilisPerchFish - piscivorousNone
Perca spp.PerchFish - piscivorousNone
Percopsis omiscomaycusTrout-perchFish - forageNone
Phoxinus eosRed-belly DaceFish - forageNone
Pimephales promelasFathead minnowFish - forageNone
Plotosidae (Family)Eel-tailed catfishFish - benthic feedingNone
Pomoxis annularisWhite crappieFish - piscivorousNone
Pomoxis nigromaculatusBlack crappieFish - piscivorousNone
Pomoxis sp.CrappieFish - piscivorousNone
Prosopium cylindraceumRound whitefishFish - benthic feedingSalmonid
Pungitius pungitiusNinespine sticklebackFish - forageNone
Puntius cholaSwamp barbFish - benthic feedingNone
Rutilus rutilusRoachFish - forageNone
Salmo truttaBrown troutFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Salvelinus alpinusArctic charFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Salvelinus fontinalisBrook troutFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Salvelinus namaycushLake troutFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Salvelinus siscowetSiscowet troutFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Sander canadensisStizostedion canadenseSaugerFish - piscivorousNone
Sander luciopercaLucioperca luciopercaZanderFish - piscivorousNone
Sander vitreusStizostedion vitreumWalleyeFish - piscivorousNone
Scardinius erythrophthalmusCommon RuddFish - forageNone
Scleropages jardiniSaratogaFish - piscivorousNone
Semotilus atromaculatusCreek ChubFish - forageNone
Semotilus corporalisFallfishFish - forageNone
Silurus glanisWels catfishFish - piscivorousNone
Stenodus leucichthysInconnuFish - piscivorousSalmonid
Strongylura krefftiLong TomFish - piscivorousNone
Tilapia niloticaNile TilapiaFish -forageNone
Tilapia niloticusOreochromis niloticusFish -forageNone
Tinca tincaTenchFish - benthic feedingNone
Toxotes chatareusArcher fishFish - forageNone
Umbra limiCentral mudminnowFish - benthic feedingNone