h6. Introduction

These pages contain information on and links to:
* Freely available [Radiological environmental assessment tools|Assessment tools]
* [Databases] on the [transfer of radionuclides to wildlife|Wildlife transfer] and the [effects of ionising radiation on wildlife|FREDERICA]
* Summaries and outputs of various relevant [EC EURATOM projects]
* Various national initiatives
* Relevant activities of international organistations such as the IAEA, ICRP, UNSCEAR, IUR, WNA and NEA-OECD

(i) The development of assessment approaches for application in environmental radiological assessements has been moderately rapid over the last decade (2000-2010). As a consequence comparatively recent outputs have been superseded. Whilst these 'older' outputs are openly available their replacements should be used by preferences. However, we recognise that it may not be obvious to all users which approaches have been superseded, here are the ones we are aware of:

* Transfer parameters available in the [ERICA Tool] replace those published in the [EPIC] and [FASSET] approaches.
* The [RESRAD-BIOTA|RESRAD-BIOTA] code replaces the BCG-calculator.
* The [FREDERICA]wildlife radition effects database is an update of the FRED database.
* The England & Wales Environment Agency intend to replace their own approach ([EA R&D128]) with the ERICA Tool.
* The transfer parameters currently (_December 2009_) available within the [ERICA Tool] will be updated during 2010 using data being compiled within the [Wildlife transfer database|Wildlife transfer].

{align=centre}(!) Assessors should {color:#ff0000}{*}NOT{*}{color} use these superseded approaches unless they can thoroughly justify their application (e.g. the use of the [EA R&D128] model would be justified for releases of noble gases to the atmosphere as this is the only approach to consider these radionuclides).

{color:#008000}If you have outputs that you would like to have included within these pages{color} {color:#008000}please let us know{color} (email: [mailto:clb@ceh.ac.uk])