Course 2 (November 2010)

Final programme

(NOTE: these have been revised see for updated information)

Radiological protection of the environment - an introduction

Introduction to the ERICA Tool

Transfer - estimating radionuclide activity concentrations in wildlife

Radiation dosimetry for animals and plants

Effects of radiation on biota

The derivation of benchmarks

Modelling the environmental dispersion of radionuclides

How to model atmosheric noble gas releases

What to look for when interpreting an assessment


Practicals (no results)
(NOTE: these have been revised see for updated information)

ERICA Tool - tier 1




Freshwater and terrestrial assessment

Marine assessment

Feedback from participants

Sixteen participants attended the November 2010 course. At the end of the course we asked for oral feedback and also distributed a questionnaire. The results of the 15 completed questionnaires can be found here. We have included all the comments and subsequent courses will be amended to take these into account.