Course 2 Presentations

\[Final programme\|Training courses - schedule & details^Course Agenda 24-26 Nov 2010.pdf\]

\[Radiological protection of the environment - an introduction\|Training courses - schedule & details^Howard - introduction.ppsx\]

\[Transfer - estimating radionuclide activity concentrations in wildlife\|Training courses - schedule & details^Beresford - Transfer.ppsx\]

\[Radiation dosimetry for animals and plants\|Training courses - schedule & details^Vives i Batlle - Radiation dosimetry lecture.ppsx\]

\[Risk analysis and the development of radiological benchmarks\|Training courses - schedule & details^Hinton \-  Effects Benchmarks.ppsx\]

\[The ICRP’s current position and intentions towards radiological protection of the environment\|Training courses - schedule & details^Copplestone ICRP.pdf\]

\[What to look for when interpreting an assessment\|Training courses - schedule & details^Beresford - What to look for.ppsx\]

\[Modelling the environmental dispersion of radionuclides\|Training courses - schedule & details^Vives i Batlle - dispersion modelling.ppsx\]

If you want to try the additional exercises from Practical 3 they can be downloaded from \[here\|Training courses - schedule & details^questions.pdf\]

Feedback from participants

Seventeen participants attended the April 2010 course. At the end of the course we asked for oral feedback and also distributed a questionnaire. The results of the 15 completed  questionnaire can be found \[here\|Training courses - schedule & details^course 1 feedback questionnaire.pdf\] (we have included all comments the complimentary, the constructive and even the one negative response). The subsequent courses will be amended to take into account the constructive comments received.