On 29 September 2011, the European Commission adopted the proposal for a {menulink:custom|link=http://ec.europa.eu/energy/nuclear/radiation_protection/radiation_protection_en.htm|target=_blank}Council Directive laying down the basic safety standards for protection against the dangers arising from exposure to ionising radiation{menulink}. tHE TEXT RELATING TO eNVIRONMENTAL pROTECTION IS REPRODUCED BELOW:


_Article 76 Environmental criteria_ 
Member States shall include, in their legal framework for radiation protection and in 
particular within the overall system of human health  protection, provision for the 
radiation protection of non-human species in the environment. This legal framework 
shall introduce environmental criteria aiming to protect populations of vulnerable or 
representative non-human species in the light of their significance as part of the 
ecosystem. Where appropriate, types of practices shall be identified for which 
regulatory control is warranted in order to implement the requirements of this legal 

_Article 77 Authorised limits on discharges_ 
Member States’ competent authorities, when establishing authorised limits on 
discharges of radioactive effluents, in accordance with Article 65(2), shall also 
ensure adequate protection of non-human species. For this purpose, a generic 
screening assessment may be conducted to provide assurance that the environmental 
criteria are met. 

_Article 78 Accidental releases_ 
Member States shall require undertakings to take appropriate technical measures to 
avoid significant environmental damage in the event of an accidental release or to 
mitigate the extent of such damage.

_Article 79 Environmental monitoring_ 
When establishing environmental monitoring programmes, or requiring such 
programmes to be carried out, Member States’ competent authorities shall include 
representative non-human species, if necessary, and also environmental media which 
constitute a pathway of exposure for members of the public.