Freezing the Working Copy

To freeze the working copy, click on Freeze or Review in the workflow tab of the working copy.

By freezing the working copy you prevent others from making further changes while you review the changes previously suggested.

Commit All Changes/Reject all changes

You can commit all the suggested changes in the working copy to the production copy by clicking on the Commit All Changes to Production link.  Similarly by clicking on Reject All Changes, all changes in the working copy will be discarded. 

However, this is a rather crude method and you may wish to review each change individually and approve or reject on a case-by-case basis.

Commit/Reject Individual Changes

To commit or reject individual changes, you must first run a comparison report which describes the changes that have been made.  To do this, click on the Reports tab on the working copy and then click the Comparison Report link.

The Comparison Report displays the vocabulary elements that have changed and shows both the original value and the new value side-by-side so they can be easily compared.

Additions are highlighted in green, deletions are highlighted in red.

In the example above, the concept has been altered.  A new alternative label of "centimeters" has been added and the definition has been changed from "Centimetres." to "A unit of length equal to one hundredth of a metre".

Also in the example above, the concept has been deleted - in the comparison report, each triple that was deleted is shown as a separate transaction.

To approve or reject these changes, click on the View Change link next to each line of the report. A window will open with further details and will allow you to either Commit this Change to production or Revert this Change (in working copy).

If you click Revert this Change (in working copy), the change will be rejected.

If you click Commit this Change to production, the change will be approved and will be IMMEDIATELY merged into the production copy.