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November 2010 course now full

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First Newsletter now available

A newsletter providing an overview of the findings of the EC EURATOM PROTECT project and providing details of the PROTECT-KE project is now available.

If you wish to be added to the Newsletter email list please ask Brenda Howard.

June 2010 issue of Journal of Radiological Protection

The June 2010 issue of the Journal of Radiological Protection contains a special section featuring papers from the PROTECT project and the IAEA EMRAS Biota Working Group (BWG). Abstract are available on the PROTECT and BWG pages of this site. UNTIL THE END OF 2010 ALL ARTICLES IN THE SPECIAL SECTION HAVE BEEN MADE FREELY AVAILABLE BY THE JOURNAL TO DOWNLOAD FROM THEIR WEBSITE.

The papers are:

Protection of the environment from ionizing radiation in a regulatory context - an
overview of the PROTECT coordinated action project
B J Howard, N A Beresford, P Andersson, J E Brown, D Copplestone, K Beaugelin-Seiller,
J Garnier-Laplace, P D Howe, D Oughton and P Whitehouse (195-214)

A multi-criteria weight of evidence approach for deriving ecological benchmarks for
radioactive substances
J Garnier-Laplace, C Della-Vedova, P Andersson, D Copplestone, C Cailes, N A Beresford,
B J Howard, P Howe and P Whitehouse (215--233)

Background dose-rates to reference animals and plants arising from exposure to
naturally occurring radionuclides in aquatic environments
A Hosseini, N A Beresford, J E Brown, D G Jones, M Phaneuf, H Thørring and T Yankovich

Assessment of risk to wildlife from ionising radiation: can initial screening tiers be used
with a high level of confidence?
N A Beresford, A Hosseini, J E Brown, C Cailes, K Beaugelin-Seiller, C L Barnett and
D Copplestone (265-281)

Considerations for the integration of human and wildlife radiological assessments
D Copplestone, J E Brown and N A Beresford (283-297)

An international model validation exercise on radionuclide transfer and doses to
freshwater biota
T L Yankovich, J Vives i Batlle, S Vives-Lynch, N A Beresford, C L Barnett,
K Beaugelin-Seiller, J E Brown, J-J Cheng, D Copplestone, R Heling, A Hosseini,
B J Howard, S Kamboj, A I Kryshev, T Nedveckaite, J T Smith and M D Wood (299-340)

Predicting the radiation exposure of terrestrial wildlife in the Chernobyl exclusion
zone: an international comparison of approaches
N A Beresford, C L Barnett, J E Brown, J-J Cheng, D Copplestone, S Gaschak, A Hosseini,
B J Howard, S Kamboj, T Nedveckaite, G Olyslaegers, J T Smith, J Vives i Batlle,
S Vives-Lynch and C Yu (341-373)

Invited Editorial: Protection of the environment from ionising radiation: developing criteria and evaluating approaches for use in regulation
David Copplestone, Nicholas Beresford and Brenda Howard