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  • Beresford et al. International comparison of models and approaches for exposure estimation ARI 66
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Beresford, N.A., Balonov, M., Beaugelin-Seiller, K., Brown, J., Copplestone, D., Hingston, J.L., Horyna, J., Hosseini, A., Howard, B.J., Kamboj, S., Nedveckaite, T., Olyslaegers, G., Sazykina, T., Vives i Batlle, J., Yankovich, T.L., Yu. C. 2008.
An international comparison of models and approaches for the estimation of the radiological exposure of non-human biota.
Applied Radiation and Isotopes, 66, 1745-1749.

Over the last decade a number of models and approaches have been developed for the estimation of the exposure of non-human biota to ionising radiations. In some countries these are now being used in regulatory assessments. However, to date there has been no attempt to compare the outputs of the different models used. This paper presents the work of the International Atomic Energy Agency's EMRAS BiotaWorking Group which compares the predictions of a number of such models in model-model and model-data inter-comparisons.

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