FASSET reports

Strand, P., Beresford, N., Avila, R., Jones, S.R., Larsson, C-M., 2001.
Deliverable 1: Identification of candidate reference organisms from a radiation exposure pathways perspective.
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D1 Appendix 1
D1 Appendix 2

Larsson, C-M., Brewitz, E., Jones, C.. Konsult, K., 2002.
Deliverable 2: Part 1 Formulating the FASSET assessment context.
Deliverable 2: Part 2 Overview of programmes for the assessment of risks to the environment from ionising radiation and hazardous chemicals.
D2 Part 1
D2 Part 2

Pröhl, G., 2003.
Deliverable 3: Dosimetric models and data for assessing radiation exposures to biota.
D3 Full text

Woodhead, D. and Zinger, I., 2003.
Deliverable 4: Radiation Effects on Plants and Animals]
D4 Full text

Brown, J., Strand, P., Hosseini, A., Børretzen, P., 2003.
deliverable 5: Handbook for Assessment of the Exposure of Biota to Ionising Radiation from Radionuclides in the Environment.
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D5 Appendix 1
D5 Appendix 2

Larsson, C-M., Jones, C., Konsult, K., Gomez-Ros, J.M., Zinger, I., 2004.
Deliverable 6: Framework for assessment of environmental impact of ionising radiation in major European ecosystems.
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Note: FASSET Deliverable 6 includes active links to other deliverables (D1-D5) and the related documents below. All documents should be downloaded in to the same directory for the links to work; do not change filenames.

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