FREDERICA Radiation effects database

The FASSET project identified that a system to help summarise dose-effect relationships between radiation exposures and their effects on organisms was required and the FRED database was created. This database was extended, improved and made more user-friendly as part of the ERICA project to become the FREDERICA database and has been used by the PROTECT project, UNSCEAR and others. It contains 1509 references covering the literature from 1945 to 2004 and contains 29,400 data entries. It is available for use on it's own or in conjunction with the ERICA Tool (where there is a live link to it) for undertaking risk assessments for the impact of ionising radiation on non-human species. Summary information is available on the effects of ionising radiation on different wildlife groups under seven umbrella endpoints: mutation, morbidity, reproductive capacity, mortality, stimulation, adaptation and ecological.

The FREDERICA radiation effects database is a available from:
(info) Note that the site should be accessed using Internet Explorer only.
Other supporting documentation includes:

  • Copplestone, D. (ed.), Brown J., Hingston J.L., Real A., Sazykina T., Sundell-Bergman S., Wood M.D. 2005. DELIVERABLE D1: Progress on the Production of the Web-based Effects Database: FREDERICA. Full text
  • Copplestone, D., Hingston, J., Real, A. 2008. The development and purpose of the FREDERICA radiation effects database. J. Environ. Radioact., 99, 1456-1463.
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