These pages are being developed under a UK NERC funded Knowledge Exchange project which will develop training packages (including on-line training materials) on radiological environmental assessment.

The pages will include information on international and national activities on radiation protection of the environment.However, we will only be able to include those things that we know about - so if you have, or are aware of,  something which you think should be on the pages let us know.

EURATOM project outputs

These pages contain all the outputs of the EURATOM projects with have developed the tools and concepts for application in the field of radiation protection of the environment: PROTECT, ERICA, FASSET and EPIC. In addition they include abstracts of refereed papers published by the members of these consortia.

Freely available software tools

The pages contain links to radiological environmental assessment tools (software and spreadsheet models) which are freely available to any user. Key documentation for these approaches is also provided where possible.

Discussion forum

You can use this site to ask questions about approaches being used/developed to demonstration protection of the environment.

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