The ICRP Reference Animals and Plants

RAP Habitat Family Species
Bee Terrestrial Apidea See
Brown Seaweed Marine Fucaceae Ascophyllum, Fucus, Hesperophycus, Pelvetia, Pelvetiopsis, Silvetia & Xiphophora species
Crab Marine Cancridae See
Deer Terrestrial Cervidae See
Duck Terrestrial, Freshwater Anatidae Ducks, (, geese (Anser spp., Chen spp. & Branta spp.) & swans (Cygnus spp.)
Earthworm Terrestrial Lumbricidae See
Flatfish Marine Pleuronectidae See
Frog Terrestrial, Freshwater Ranidae See
Pine Tree Terrestrial Pinaceae See
Rat Terrestrial Muridae Old World rats and mice (Murinae), gerbils, jirds and sand rats (Gerbillinae) as well as Leimacomys buettneri, Lophiomys imhausi and the Subfamily Deomyinae
Salmonid Freshwater, Marine Salmonidae Freshwater white fish (Coregoninae), Grayling (Thymallus spp.) and the Subfamily Salmoninea which includes salmon (Salmo spp. & Oncorhynchus spp.) trout (Salmo spp. & Salvelinus spp.) & chars (Salvelinus spp.)
Wild Grass Terrestrial, Freshwater Poaceae Grasses (see

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