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Adding Packages/Libraries to the New Environment

Packages can be added to the Conda environment via two mechanisms either of which work fine.


Python has native Conda Environment support, hence from within a notebook using the Kernel simply calling Conda will install any package correctly to the current environment. This has the added advantage (if this is a python-based project), of capturing your package installs within a Notebook for ease of re-reproducibility for others not working in the same environment.

Anything Else

If instead of using python you want to install by other means, the terminal can also be used to install any Conda packages using the following example commands;

source activate /data/conda/<environment_name>
conda install -y <package>
# e.g 
# source activate /data/conda/myenv
# conda install -y numpy

Once packages are installed in your environment, they'll be persisted as normal.

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